Givi Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit

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When riding on rough, uneven roads or dirt tracks, tyre punctures are a very real possibility. Should one occur, the S450 Puncture Repair Kit enables a puncture to be repaired in just a few minutes and provides a sustainable repair that enables the rider to reach a tyre repair centre. Inside the practical case, you will find all you need to seal a hole and re-inflate the tyre. Full instructions are provided, but should you be in a location with internet reception, the QR code printed on the instruction sheet will take you to a video tutorial on how to carry out the repair. Once home, a new CO2 spray kit (S450KIT) can be ordered to refill your S450 Kit.

The kit contains:
3 x CO2 cans
1 x Connector complete with valve
1 x Flexibile tube
1 x Cutter
5 x Sealing strips
2 x Specific utensils
1 x Tube of adhesive

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