Chemz Penetrene Multi (400ml)

From $17.00

Chemz Multi Penetrene penetrates rusted parts, lubricates sticky mechanisms, ends electrical shorts due to moisture, prevents corrosion and oxidation. Chemz Multi Penetrene forms a clear invisible film and is harmless to plastic, rubber and paint.

  • Electrical & Mechanical Applications include: electronic equipment, instruments, ignition systems, distributors, bolts, screws, switches, pedals etc.
  • Workshop, Farm, Home & Hobby applications include: hinges, windows, chains, engine parts, truck and tractor, moving parts, roller doors, bicycles, motorcycles, toys, lawnmowers and garden tools.

Chemz Multi Penetrene is also available in 5L and 20L bulk sizes.  Applicator bottle availble.

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CZ 7304 CHEMZ PENETRENE MULTI 400ml $17.00 In stock Enquire now
CZ 7308 CHEMZ PENETRENE MULTI - 5 LTR POA In stock Enquire now
CZ 7309 CHEMZ PENETRENE MULTI - 20 LITRE POA In stock Enquire now
CZ 7999 CHEMZ SPRAY APPLICATOR BOTTLE $16.95 In stock Enquire now