Tommaselli Ride By Wire throttles

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Domino has been making top of the line racing throttles for decades and with the advent of Ride-by-Wire systems, the legacy continues. A quick look around the SBK and MotoGP fields will see Domino throttles on many of the top machines. Taking this technology to the after-market sector, Domino has released a range of electronic Plug&Play throttle controls developed for racing use.

Domino RBW brings about great advantges, such as:

  • Smooth acceleration (Feedback design)
  • Precise output signal guaranteed by Hall Technology
  • Faster than the original control
  • Machined from solid
  • Compact size, compared to OEM products

Only available for bike-specific fitments, these throttles are suitable for racing use only.

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Code Description RRP Availability
TO 4079.03.13-00 RIDE BY WIRE THROTTLE DUCATI PANIGALE V4 '19 /STREETFIGHTER V4 '20 $1395.00 Not in stock Enquire now
TO 4079.03.13-01 RIDE BY WIRE THROTTLE PANIGALE V4 19-20/ V2 20/STREETFIGHTER V4 20 $1325.00 In stock Enquire now
TO 4111.03.13-00 RIDE BY WIRE THROTTLE RACING ONLY APRILIA RSV4 '18-> POA Not in stock Enquire now
TO 4142.03.13-00 RIDE BY WIRE THROTTLE RACING ONLY YAMAHA R1 '20-> POA Not in stock Enquire now