Domino Road Grips - A350 Touring

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This grip has been specially developed by Domino to be suitable for touring and maxi-scooter bikes, offering maximum comfort and durability. The modern design and innovative refined style is emphasized by the colour combinations, now with a more refined variety to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

  • Material: Two-component thermoplastic rubber
  • Colour: Red/Black, Brown/Black, Anthracite/Red, Anthracite/Green, Anthracite/Orange, Anthracite/Blue, Anthracite/Grey, Anthracite/Brown, Anthracite/Black
  • Length: 120 mm
  • Grip end: Open
  • Diameter Handlebars/Throttle Tubes: 22/26 mm
  • Flange diameter: 46 mm
  • Diameter installed grips : 32 mm
Code Description Colour RRP Availability
TO A35041C4042C7 TOURING GRIPS RED/BLACK Red $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4063C7 TOURING GRIPS BROWN/BLACK Brown $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4270C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/RED Red $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4470C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/GREEN Green $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4570C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/ORANGE Orange $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4870C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/BLUE Blue $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C5270C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/GREY Grey $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C6564C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/BROWN Brown $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A35041C4070C7 TOURING GRIPS ANTHRACITE/BLACK Black $39.00 In stock Enquire now