Domino Off-Road Grips - A360 Premium MX

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Designed and developed  to create a natural feeling texture the A360 defines a new level of grip safety and assures the best level of comfort for the rider. The grip features a raised sheeting logo which has the following functions:

- Improve hand grip, giving a higher sense of control
- Improve bioclimatology by reducing sweating and subsequently reduce stress to the palm
- Help clean the palm of the glove in extreme conditions

Another important feature is two stress reduction zones which have been ergonomically placed in the two most highly stressed contact points at either end of the grip. These zones have been developed with a special soft texture which has been proven to significantly reduce the onset of blisters.The grip also has proper seats to allow the use of lock wire to enhance the security of the grip without interfering with the palm of the hand.

  • Material: Two-component thermoplastic rubber
  • Lamellar structure for a better grip
  • External zone for stress reduction
  • Colour: Black/Green
  • Length: Right 120 mm / left 123 mm
  • Grip end: Closed
  • Diameter Handlebars/Throttle Tubes: 22/26 mm
  • Slot for Iron Wire: 2-3 slots
  • Flange diameter: 60 mm
  • Diameter installed grips: 29.5/1.5 mm
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TO A36041C4042A7 GRIPS A360 OFF-ROAD BLACK / RED Red $39.00 In stock Enquire now
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TO A36041C4045A7 GRIPS A360 OFF-ROAD BLACK / ORANGE Orange $39.00 In stock Enquire now
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TO A36041C4052A7 GRIPS A360 OFF-ROAD BLACK / GREY Grey $39.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A36041C4846A7 GRIPS A360 OFF-ROAD BLUE / WHITE Blue $39.00 In stock Enquire now