Athena OEM Replacement Individual Gaskets

From $19.24

Athena has been manufacturing and supplying original equipment gaskets for many prestigious motorcycle manufacturers for a very long time and offers an extensive range of gaskets, gasket sets, and seals for almost every make and model of motorcycle in the world. The Athena R&D team is highly skilled and experienced, and many of the materials and technologies used are exclusive to Athena. The quality of Athena gaskets and seals is either identical to, or exceeds that of original equipment.

We carry an extensive range of gaskets and seals for many of the motorcycle models available in New Zealand. Please check the resource downloads below for the application catalogues. If you do come across something we don't stock, or you have any questions, please get in touch. In most cases we can get gaskets in from Italy within a couple of weeks, or sooner. Note: prices displayed for out-of-stock items may vary from current pricing. Please enquire for latest pricing and delivery times.

Code Description RRP Availability
GA 0068001001 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET d.91 BMW R75/R80/R90/R95/R96 - 11121338716 $19.24 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068001002 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET d.95 BMW R80'76-'95/R100'76-'97 -11121338715 $19.80 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068001004 CYLINDER HEAD GASKET K100 RS/K1 '89-'96 (16 VALVE) - 11121464460 $42.20 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068015001 TAPPET COVER GSKT BMW R45/50/60/65/75/80/90/100 $7.04 Not in stock Enquire now
GA 0068015008 TAPPET COVER GSKT K100. K1. K1100 89/96 $36.27 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068015026 ROCKER BOX GASKET BMW R1200 05/10 $51.36 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068021001 F.COVER GSKT BMW R75/80/90/100 $7.04 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068021008 SUMP COVER GSKT K100 89/94 $23.82 In stock Enquire now
GA 0068026001 BMW R50-R75-R80 OIL PAN GSKT $9.83 Not in stock Enquire now
GA 2009300074 BASE GASKET BMW R65 78-92 $6.00 In stock Enquire now