ROK Straps Fixed Length with Hooks

From $9.65

The ultimate stretch straps.  Available in All Purpose 20 mm and 25 mm wide flat elasticised strap with hooks both end

  • Up to 4 times stronger than other luggage straps. The recommended maximum safe working load is 30kg (65lbs).
  • Flat shock cord minimises pressure on goods/load.
  • Double stitched for extended outdoor use.
  • Tough buckles are UV, shatter and crack resistant.
  • 100% natural rubber for best elasticity and tear resistance.
  • Complex shape prevents curling
  • Polyester braiding for superior UV and wear resistance.
  • All rot resistant materials. no sharp hooks, non-rusting
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RS 1200X20 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1200x20 $9.65 Not in stock Enquire now


RS 1500X20 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1500x20 $9.95 In stock Enquire now


RS 1500X25 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1500X25 $11.95 Not in stock Enquire now