Givi keyless smart lock system

From $199.00

Never worry about lost luggage keys again! New from Givi, these smart keyless kits allow you to open your top case without the hassle of keys. Simply lock or unlock your case via the app on your device (even from a distance), or even quicker, just give your phone a shake near the box – too easy! Compatible with V47, V40, B47, B37 and B360 cases. No electrical connection to the bike is required, and the lock battery works even when the top case is released from the motorcycle.

See the Givi website for compatible devices

Code Description RRP Availability
GI E174 KEYLESS 2.0 SMART LOCK SYSTEM V47 / V40 / B47 / B37 / B360 $199.00 In stock Enquire now
GI E175 KEYLESS 2.0 SMART LOCK SYSTEM V56 $249.00 In stock Enquire now