X-Lite X1005 Ultra Carbon Flip Face Helmet - carbon

From $1,099.00

The X-1005 is X-lite’s exclusive high-carbon flip-up helmet, made in Italy.

With its reduced weight and compact volume (thanks to the availability of three outer shell sizes), the X-1005 is not only light but also packed with features. Among other things, it comes with homologation in both open and closed position, an ultrawide visor, a sun screen (adjustable in various positions and fitted with an automatic retraction system), an efficient ventilation system, exclusive double action chin guard opening mechanism and Microlock2 double-lever chin strap. With a focus on real wearability, it comes with Carbon Fitting Racing Experience inner comfort padding and a clever Liner Positioning Control (LPC) system.

Comes set up ready for the new generation N-Com communication system.

Code Description Size Colour RRP Availability
NO X1005UC1S X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) SMALL SML Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NO X1005UC1M X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) MEDIUM MED Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NO X1005UC1L X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) LARGE LRG Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NO X1005UC1XL X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) X-LARGE XLG Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NO X1005UC1XXL X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) XXL 2XL Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NO X1005UC13XL X1005 ULTRA CARBON (1) 3XL 3XL Black $1099.00 In stock Enquire now
NS BNCOM00000038 N-COM KIT B601X SIMPLE X-LITE SEE www.n-com.it FOR COMPATIBILITY $399.00 In stock Enquire now
NS BNCOM40300039 N-COM KIT B902X FULL SYS. X-LITE SEE www.n-com.it FOR FITMENTS $599.00 In stock Enquire now