Dragon Stone Battery Charger 12V


New from Dragonstone is this 12 Volt, multi-stage, automatic smart switching battery charger. With auto-switching between eight different charging stages, this do-everything charger will help revive old batteries, as well as charge and maintain with energy saving, high efficiency charging.

Comes with three connection cables:
- Alligator clips
- Terminal ring connectors
- Cigarette lighter plug

- 8 charging stages
- Auto switching
- Over charge protection
- Desulphurise and revive aging batteries
- Anti-spark
- Float and maintain
- Reverse polarity protection
- Auto stop - dead/aged battery
- Auto stop - incorrect voltage setting
- Auto stop and resume - overheat

  Code Description RRP Availability
12V 2.0 AMP BATTERY CHARGER 240V (WAS DS JLM10) Image DS MK7047 12V 2.0 AMP BATTERY CHARGER 240V (WAS DS JLM10) $339.00 In stock Enquire now