Koyo Batteries for Harley Davidson

From $109.90

OE quality, high performance, pre-filled, permanently sealed batteries.

BA KIX30-L: 30 amp - suits FL/FLH 1340/1450 '97-05

BA KTX24HL-BS: 24 amp - suits FL/FLH 1340 '80-96

Fill - Seal - Charge.  Maintenance free, leak proof batteries supplied with acid packs in carton

BA YTX20L-BS: 18 amp - suits FDX/FXST/FLST '97-03

BA YTX20-BS:  suits FX/FXR/FXRS/FLST '79-99

Anti-sulphate battery.  No acid supplied

BA Y50-N18L-A: 20 amp - suits FL/FLH 1340 '80-96

BA YB16-B: 19 amp - suits FXD/FXST/FLST '97-03

These are just a few of our Harley range.  See the application chart below for the full range.

  Code Description RRP Availability


BA KIX30L-BS SEALED BATTERY HARLEY FI/FLH 1340/1450 97/05 166x126x175 30Ah $229.90 In stock Enquire now


BA KTX24HL-BS PREMIUM SEALED BATTERY HARLEY DAVIDSON 205x87x162 22Ah $149.90 In stock Enquire now


BA YTX20L-BS SEALED BATTERY HARLEY FDX/FXST/FLST VRD '97-'10 175x87x155 18Ah $159.90 Not in stock Enquire now


BA YTX20-BS SEALED BATTERY HARLEY FX/FXR/FXSR/FLST '79-'99 175x87x155 18Ah $159.90 In stock Enquire now


BA Y50-N18L-A BATTERY 205x90x162 20Ah VARIOUS HARLEY (ACID NOT INCLUDED) $119.90 In stock Enquire now


BA YB16-B BATTERY 175x100x155 19Ah VARIOUS HARLEY (ACID NOT INCLUDED) $109.90 Not in stock Enquire now