Koyo Batteries for BMW

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BMW utilises unique battery sizes not interchangable with Japanese models

BA KTZ19-S - European # 51913 or 51814
Powerful 19 amp hour, fully sealed battery for 'K' and 'R' series BMW.
Measurements: 181 mm x 76 mm x 167 mm
Suits: K1200, K1300, R1100, R1150, R1200, R75, R80 all models

Alternate 30 amp hour fully sealed battery.   No maintenance, high power battery. 
Measurements:166 x 126 x 175

12 amp hour maintenance free.
Measurements: 150 x 87 x 145
Suits: K1200S '05-10, R1200GS '05-10, F650GS '09-10, F800GS '09-10

BA YB12AL-A (NOTE: no acid supplied with this battery type)
12 amp hour battery
Measurements: 134 x 80 x 160
Suit: F650

Check out the Koyo Application Book below for more models

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BA KTZ19-S PREMIUM SEALED BATTERY FACTORY ACTIVATED BMW 181x76x167 19Ah $159.00 Not in stock Enquire now


BA 12C16A-3B BATTERY 186x82x171 20Ah BMW 51814-51913) (ACID NOT INCLUDED) $94.90 In stock Enquire now


BA Y60-N30L-A BATTERY 186x130x171 30Ah VARIOUS BMW (53030) (ACID NOT INCLUDED) $154.90 Not in stock Enquire now


BA KIX30L-BS SEALED BATTERY HARLEY FI/FLH 1340/1450 97/05 166x126x175 30Ah $229.90 In stock Enquire now


BA YTX14-BS SEALED BATTERY BMW K1200S/R1200GS/F650GS/F800GS 150x87x145 12Ah $119.00 In stock Enquire now


BA YB12AL-A BATTERY 134x80x160 12Ah BMW F650 (ACID NOT INCLUDED) $89.90 In stock Enquire now