Saving money with a chain oiler

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Automatic chain lubrication means no more messing around with dirty chains and a significantly increased lifespan for your chain and sprockets. If you’re thinking about getting a chain oiler system, but not sure which one is best, read on for this handy guide.


Traditional chain maintenance is messy and time-consuming. No one likes it and the problem with traditional chain spray is that it’s sticky and tacky. It has to be – so that it stays on your chain for as long as possible. However, due to its tackiness, your chain will pick up dirt and grit from the road. Over time this then turns into the black grinding paste that every motorcyclist hates. This grinding paste is what wears away the teeth on your sprockets and the O-Rings in your chaing, ultimately making your chain fail prematurely – costing you hundreds in chain replacements and repairs.

With a chain oiler, you are always feeding just enough oil to your chain – in very small doses. This allows the use of a lubricant that has almost no tack additives meaning dirt and grit will not stick to your chain. Your chain will last up to 7 times longer, plus you no longer have the hassle of manually cleaning and lubricating it.


When most people think of Scottoiler, they think of the tried and trusted vSystem – a fully mechanical, vacuum actuated chain oiling system. It’s cost effective, reliable and a mechanical masterpiece of inventive engineering. At the other end of the spectrum is the eSystem – fully electronic and packed with features for serious chain lubrication control. The xSystem sits somewhere in between the two – it’s electronic like the eSystem, but with simple, easy to understand controls and an incredibly simple installation. So which is best for you? It comes down to how much control you want over your oiler, but also how easy you want the fitting to be.



The award-winning vSystem sets the standard for motorcycle chain lubrication systems. It will activate automatically when you start your engine, taking over your entire chain maintenance regime. Being vacuum operated and gravity fed, it’s old school analogue, which has plenty of advantages if you’re wary of electronic gadgets, but it’s still clever enough to allow you to control the flow rate on the reservoir. Simple and effective, these are hands-down the biggest chain oiler seller and will do you well for years and years.

However, fitting the vSystem can be daunting, particularly on some models where the engine is tricky to access. Fortunately, Scottoiler has tons of ‘how to’ installation guides on its website and most kiwis are pretty comfortable tackling the challenge. For some people, fitting their Scottoiler is an adventure in itself, but for others the task is one they'd only hand to a mechanic.


The xSystem is Scottoiler's easiest to install and simplest system to use to date. It’s great for anyone who wants to save money and improve efficiency and performance, but doesn’t want the hassle of stripping their bike down and messing around with the inlet manifold to find a vacuum port. Perfect for commuters and tourers alike, the xSystem gives you full control while taking the fear out of chain lubrication systems.

The way the xSystem works is with an oil reservoir attached to a small pump and electronic control panel. All you need to do is attach the unit to the bike, connect it to the bike’s battery via the cable on the unit, and run the oil feed tube to a dispenser at the rear sprocket. All the brackets, fasteners and adhesives you might need are included in the kit.

A really cool feature of the xSystem is the built in accelerometer which senses when the bike is moving or, more to the point, when the bike is not moving. Once the unit is turned on and senses the bike is moving, the pump will pulse and dispense a small amount of Scottoiler’s special chain oil. When the bike isn’t moving, the xSystem automatically goes into a sleep mode to conserve power and prevent a puddle of oil forming on the floor.


As the most advanced electronic chain oiling system in the world, the new Scottoiler eSystem is designed for the rider who wants total control over their bike. Powered through the wiring loom provided, the eSystem LED Display sits on your handlebars, allowing you to adjust oil flow-rates with ease, as well as giving information on flow rate, oil level and temperature. Like the xSystem, the eSystem is incredibly easy to install, with only a direct connection to the battery required - no need for complicated wiring, or tapping into speedometer electronics. The reservoir can be easily installed on the frame of the bike, with dispenser, cabling, mounting attachments and oil provided.

The new eSystem v3.1 builds on previous eSystem models with some clever updates - now even more user-friendly, v3.1 self-calibrates, allowing for an even quicker start-up and more flowrate settings for ultra-precise, measured and gradual oiling of your chain. And, coming back to your bike after winter, the new eSystem now retains all pre-establish settings, even when disconnected from the battery.


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