Review: Merlin Rowan jacket

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The below is a copy of a review by Bike Rider Magazine of the Merlin Rowan jacket.

We’ve been trying to get our hands on the latest range of gear from Scottish manufacturer Merlin for a while now.

Just look at the range and there seems to be a jacket for everyone, be it your traditional leather jacket suitable for your café racer, to the even more traditional waxed cotton range. There’s just something very cool about the old school look of the entire Merlin range.

Not needing any more leather attire, we opted for one of the waxed cotton jackets – the Rowan – to find out what they’re all about. After all waxed cotton isn’t exactly common in motorcycle apparel these days and we’re [mostly] on the good side of 50 here at BRM.

Merlin Rowan jacket

Now the first thing you’ll notice about any waxed cotton fabric is the – admittedly odd – waxy texture. The Halley Stevensons sourced 8oz Scottish Thorn Proof waxed cotton feels similar to a textile jacket in terms of weight, and with a Reissa waterproof membrane, performs much the same too. There’s also a zip out thermal lining which should mean we’ll be riding with the Rowan well into the colder months.

Functionally it works a treat, with more pockets than you can reasonably be expected to fill on your average ride. Style wise it is tops, looking uncharacteristically fashionable for me to be wearing, with our shoot to show it off having me feeling a bit like a male model.

Having ridden with it in a variety of weather now, it definitely seems more suited to autumn and spring months as the waxed cotton doesn’t breathe like a textile jacket does, but in the summer plenty of air flows up the adjustable sleeves to keep you cool enough.

 It’s versatile, it’s cool, and it does the job. What more could you ask for?

Tested by Mat – Distributed by Eurobike Wholesale – Pricing: Jacket $599.00,  Rating: Versatile Cool