Review: Matrix adventure boot

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We recently received our first shipment of Stylmartin's highly-lauded new Matrix adventure touring boot. Our GM Rodney got straight in and tried a pair to see how they fare. Here's what he thought...

The details:

Stylmartin’s new premium leather adventure touring boot is waterproof, has a snug fit and provides excellent protection for your feet, either on- or off-road. The boot closes using two adjustable self-locking levers at the ankle and Velcro closure at the top. Hard ankle and lateral shin inserts are hidden beneath the leather, providing great protection without compromising comfort or feel. For extra ruggedness, they come with a black metal toecap that can be easily screwed into place if desired.

A top level, technical Vibram sole is attached using the “Construction Ideal” method of layering and stitching. In a stunning charcoal grey two-tone effect, the full-grain “writer” leather will wear uniquely to write your story into the leather, looking as good as it performs.

Yeah, but what are they really like?

I loved the look of these boots right from the get-go – off-road capable but still comfortable and practical, I had to have a pair. I recently wore mine on a couple of trips from New Plymouth to Taupo – one trip was two up on an excursion through the Forgotten Highway on a warm, sunny day, and the other on a mission on the main highway in the driving rain.

On both trips, the boots were comfortable, sturdy and practical, exactly as I had expected. I was particularly impressed with how warm and waterproof they were on the second trip. The rain I experienced really was torrential and consistent for a long period of time – a hard test for any waterproof product. The Matrix is quite simply the best adventure touring boot I have ever worn, full stop.

"The Matrix is quite simply the best adventure touring boot I have ever worn, full stop."

How the price compares:

Retailing at $549, this isn't a budget offering, but the pricing is very competitive against other equivalent boots on the market. We know and trust the Stylmartin brand, so these boots should last for years, and with all the features packed in, they're great value for discerning riders.

What is writer leather:
“Writer” leather is a name given to a particular finish of premium quality leather in the Italian footwear industry. The full-grain leather is designed to wear and fade with use. In the end, every knock, every wear point, every part of your journey is written into the leather, meaning your boots are unique to you and, in effect, ‘tells’ your story.

What is Ideal construction:
The “Ideal” method is a form of handcrafted construction used for extremely high quality footwear, which lends the shoe flexibility. The shoe upper is prepared with the edges turned outwards, then glued and pressed on to a midsole, followed by a rapid machine sewing. Threads are pre-treated to guarantee waterproofing of thread and holes.

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