Givi GRT709 pannier bags

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Givi has just released a brand new pannier set for serious off-road adventure riding.

Much more than a throw-over saddle bag, the GRT709 is a lockable, soft pannier luggage system. It works by way of high resistance 1200 W/R Polyester mounting plates which are clamped onto existing side-case luggage hardware. Not just designed to work with Givi PL or PL___CAM carrier racks, the GRT709 attachment system will work with any similar sized luggage hardware, regardless of brand. The mounting kit included with the pannier bags comes with clamps to fit the attachment plates to tubular or profiled frames, up to Ø18mm. The clamp design is so versatile that it will fit virtually any pannier system on the market.

Made from a durable, UV resistant fabric (ISO 4892-2 rated), the pannier bags themselves are next-level in terms of features. There is a large main compartment, with a roll-top closure and a separate, removable waterproof (IP65 rated) inner bag, with a document pocket. This inner bag is made from a fluro-yellow material to make it easier to find that one widget that has fallen down the bottom, in low light conditions. There is a separate, tubular shaped compartment on the rear side of the bag, with another removable, waterproof, fluro inner bag. The front and bottom side of the bags feature M.O.L.L.E. attachment straps and all sides have adjustable cinch straps to keep everything tucked in tight, or to strap extra items under. At 35 litres per side, there is plenty of room for all your camping gear and spare clothing, with plenty of places to attach all your tactical equipment, should you feel the need to carry a grenade or two (please don’t).

Because these bags are individual panniers, you are not restricted to “all or nothing” like you are with throw-over saddle bags. They are sold as a pair, but they can be used individually if you want to carry say, a jerry can of extra fuel on one side of your bike. Because they are lockable, you can be more confident with leaving your bike unattended, but they also come with removable shoulder straps should you feel the need to unclip them and take them with you. Of course, the locks can be changed to match the rest of your Givi security locked luggage, with an SL102, SL103, or SL105 lock set (depending on how many locks you need to match).

Take a look at our video below, where Rodney fits a set of GRT709 panniers to the genuine KTM PowerParts luggage hardware on his 690 Enduro R. These bags are the perfect solution for this type of off-road adventure weapon.

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