Launching: Race Direct by Eurobike

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Race Direct has launched, just in time for the 2020 race season. So, what's it all about, and why are we doing it?

At Eurobike, racing is in our blood. We’ve been racing bikes in some way or another, since day dot and, like most racers, we just can’t stop. We know the hard work, the hard times, the heartbreak, the cost and, of course, the thrill that comes with racing. Many of the products we distribute are in our product listings purely because we use them ourselves for racing and we want to share our passion with others infected with the racing bug.

We know the majority of racers aren’t sponsored and generally have to pay their way for every item they use. The idea of Race Direct is to offer quality race products at discount rates to the grafters out there. Those riders doing the laps and putting in the racing miles purely for the love of the sport. A strong racing community relies on full start grids and opportunities for riders of all backgrounds. Where is New Zealand's next Hugh Anderson, Graeme Crosby, or Aaron Slight going to come from if that person can't even make it to the start line? We're in it for the bigger picture and every racer counts.

SO, What is Race Direct?

We have chosen a few key products from our complete range, specific to the racing market. These are premium quality items, as used by leading racers and championship winning teams around the globe. With Race Direct you will be able to get world class race parts at up to 20% off normal retail prices. But it's not open to everyone. You need to have a race licence and apply for membership to Race Direct. Membership will last from season to season and you will need to re-apply each year.

If this program goes well, it will enable us to invest in more race-specific products and we will be able to add more products in future. If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see added here, please speak up.

Does Race Direct sound like you? If you hold a current MNZ race licence then get in touch to learn about the Race Direct programme. Think of it as a quasi-sponsorship deal, without the pressure to perform or the compulsion to use every product from a given brand. Pick and choose what you need and get your race products at discount prices. It’s that simple.

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