Domino Off-Road Grips - TO 6131.82

From $19.95

Domino introduces the new 6131 grip, specially developed for offroad bikes in black, grey and yellow fluro colours. With a classic Domino knurled finish and moulded lock-wire groves, these 118mm long, ultra-thin grips provide excellent comfort and... well... grip. The yellow fluro version in particular has a softer material for extra tackiness. At an economical price, this is the new grip for every rider.

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TO 6131.82.40.06 GRIPS OFF-ROAD BLACK Black $19.95 In stock Enquire now
TO 6131.82.50.06 GRIPS OFF ROAD FLURO YELLOW Fluro $19.95 In stock Enquire now
TO 6131.82.52.06 GRIPS OFF-ROAD GREY Grey $19.95 In stock Enquire now