Domino Off-Road Grips - A260 Coarse Dimple Soft Plus

From $24.00 was $35.00

Single colour highly advanced thermoplastic rubber grip by Domino. Thanks to the special multi-pyramidal "coarse dimple" finish, the A260 has an extraordinarily soft and comfortable feel, providing maximum grip in off-road conditions. The central part has a barrel profile providing even better grip, essential when racing. Includes slots for lockwire.

Single colours in grey and military green - Only while stocks last.


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TO A26041C5100 ** A260 'SOFT PLUS' GRIPS - GREY - NLA -SALE Grey $35.00 $24.00 In stock Enquire now
TO A26041C5500 ** A260 'SOFT PLUS' GRIPS - MILITARY GREEN - NLA -SALE Green $34.00 $24.00 In stock Enquire now