ROK Straps

From $8.10

The ultimate stretch straps

  • Up to 4 times stronger than other luggage straps. The recommended maximum safe working load is 30kg (65lbs).
  • Flat shock cord minimises pressure on goods/load.
  • Double stitched for extended outdoor use.
  • Tough buckles are UV, shatter and crack resistant.
  • 100% natural rubber for best elasticity and tear resistance.
  • Complex shape prevents curling
  • Polyester braiding for superior UV and wear resistance.
  • All rot resistant materials. no sharp hooks, non-rusting

Available in Classic Fixed Length with non scratch loops both ends for rack and bars or All Purpose 20 mm and 25 mm wide flat elasticised strap with hooks both end

Code Description RRP Availability
RS CRUISER300 ROK STRAP CRUISER 300mm (BLACK) $11.95 In stock Enquire now
RS CRUISER450 ROK STRAP CRUISER 450mm (BLACK) $13.45 In stock Enquire now
RS CRUISER600 ROK STRAP CRUISER 600mm (BLACK) $14.55 In stock Enquire now
RS CRUISER750 ROK STRAP CRUISER 750mm (BLACK) $15.70 In stock Enquire now
RS 1200X20 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1200x20 $9.65 In stock Enquire now
RS 1500X20 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1500x20 $9.95 In stock Enquire now
RS 300X25 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 300x25 $8.10 In stock Enquire now
RS 1200X25 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1200X25 $11.30 In stock Enquire now
RS 1500X25 LUGGAGE STRAP ALL PURPOSE 1500X25 $11.95 In stock Enquire now