Scottoiler - vSystem

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The Scottoiler vSystem sets the standard for motorcycle chain lubrication systems. It will activate automatically when you start your engine, taking over your entire chain maintenance regime. The vSystem has been awarded the pretigious RIDE Recommended triangle and is a favourite with motorcyclists worldwide.

  • Vacuum operated
  • Gravity feed
  • Temperature sensitive
  • Analogue adjustment on reservoir
  • Operates while engine is running
  • 50mm reservoir

Scottoiler has a large library of bike-specific fitting guides for the vSystem, click here to learn how to install a vSystem on your motorycle.


Universal: The universal kit is suitable for almost all motorcycles. It has a Reservoir Metering Valve, or RMV with a delivery assembly that can be bolted to the end or glued to the underside of the swing arm and gives a range of approx. 800-1,600 km between filling.

BMW: vSystem designed specifically for the BMW F800R (OI SO2035)

Ducati: vSystem designed specifically for Ducati Multistrada

Kawasaki: vSystem designed specifally for Kawasaki

Honda: vSystem designed specicically for Honda Africa Twins 2016 on. Older After Twin models will require an additional M5 spigot adaptor

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OI SO2035 SCOTTOILER vSYSTEM BMW F800R - NLA $249.00 $239.00 In stock Enquire now
OI SO1140 SCOTTOILER vSYSTEM DUCATI MULTISTRADA - NLA $249.00 $239.00 In stock Enquire now
OI SO4015 SOTTOILER vSYSTEM - DUCATI- NLA NOW OI SO1140 $249.00 $239.00 In stock Enquire now