Scottoiler Crampbusters

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The Crampbuster clips onto the throttle to become a simple and effective cruise control.  Available in 2 sizes, for standard, and oversized grips.

There are two diameters; the "Standard" is 28.5mm (1 1/8") diameter and fits most stock grips. The "Oversize" which is 35mm (1 3/8") diameter is designed mainly for larger grips and is ideal for fitting to oxford heated grips and most cruisers. Your grip needs to be larger than 35mm (1 3/8") diameter or the oversize will slip. If your grip is 1 3/8" or smaller you need the Standard CrampBuster.

Standard - 1 1/8" diameter:

CB1 (OI SO0100)     Long narrow paddle

Oversize - 1 3/8" diameter:

CB3 (OI SO0105)     Long narrow paddle


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