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Deltran Lithium Battery Tender

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Battery tender/charger specifically for lithium batteries.

If your bike has a robust charging system- typical road bike, and you ride it regularly - several times per week, no other maintenance is required.  Fit your lithium battery and ride your bike.

If you don’t ride your bike regularly - if it’s a race bike or moto-cross bike, you will need to maintain your battery with a dedicated lithium smart charger.

A fully charged lithium battery is 13.7 volts.  A fully charged lead/acid battery is 12.6 volts, for this reason a smart charger designed for lead/acid batteries will not fully charge your lithium battery. Chargers which have an anti-sulphate mode will damage your lithium battery.  A lithium battery left in a low charged condition may not recover.

Deltran .8 amp lithium smart charger can be plugged in situ and left on at all times you are not using your vehicle.  It will maintain your lithium battery in optimum condition.


DT 022-0203 DELTRAN WP800 LITHIUM BATTERY TENDER now use DT 022-0199 Not in stock $89.00 Request more info